Past Events

Meet the Candidates Event

On the evening of September 6th, the Waitakere Ethnic Board played host to an engaging and enlightening event – “Meet the Candidates.” This event brought together a dynamic lineup of 14 candidates hailing from 6 diverse political parties. With an impressive turnout of over 90 attendees, this gathering was a testament to our community’s spirit and engagement in the democratic process. Everyone who attended had the unique opportunity to connect with their potential representatives, gaining valuable insights into the political landscape and fostering a stronger sense of civic participation.


Waitakere Ethnic Board celebrated its 20th Anniversary on 9th June 2023 at Te Pai Centre, Lincoln Road with Chief Guest as Deputy Prime Minister Carmel Sepuloni, and several other dignitaries including Minister of Statistics Dr Deborah Russel, Hon Chris Carter, Inspector Sunny Patel and many more to mention.

Annual General Meeting – 5th May 2023

Waitakere Ethnic Board had their AGM at Te Manawa, Westgate library

Guest speaker: Minister of Statistics Dr Deborah Russell

New Out West meeting – 26th April with CPNZ

Venue: New Lynn Community Centre

Waitakere Ethnic Board organised a presentation from Community Patrols of New Zealand.

Learning how to become a Volunteer Patroller with CPNZ and serve the Community. CPNZ has a big network of patrollers nationwide and are always welcoming new Volunteers.

A pathway to becoming a Police Officer, CPNZ patrollers works very closely with the Police, being their eyes and ears. The event was a great success with several members from the community attending.

New Out West Meeting – 30th March 2023 with St John

Waitakere Ethnic Board, in conjunction with St John, ran a networking and 3 Steps for Life Session on the 30th March at St John Centre 243-247 Edmonton Road, Te Atatu South, Auckland (adjacent to Te Atatu Community Cenre)

3 Steps for Life Session includes CPR, which is a must needed skill for our Ethnic Community at this stage. The event was very well received with around 35 people attending.

Seniors Fun Day (20th Aug 2022)

Waitakere Ethnic Board organised a Seniors Fun Day event at Henderson Bowling Club – 2018+ on Saturday 20th Aug. People from all walks of life came in to enjoy this sport and make new friends and learn something new. Its always good to watch our community enjoying things. Thanks to Gurdeep Talwar – Henderson Massey to organise this.

Post COVID, our elderly really need more events like these.

Waitakere Ethnic Board Annual General Meeting (1st June 2022)

At this year’s AGM, the Waitakere Ethnic Board had the opportunity to reflect on its successes in the past year and introduce new members to the community. We had the pleasure to have Melvin Singham at our AGM, along with our sponsors and backers.

Family Harm Event with New Zealand Police (28th May 2022)

This Waitakere Ethnic Board workshop was in partnership with New Zealand Police to unearth effects of family harm in local communities and address these issues to solve them. With Gurdeep Talwar, the executive team of the board and Jessica Phuang from NZ Police present along with other leaders, this event successfully confronted this sensitive issue.

Picture of everyone at the event
Photo of speakers at the event
Photo of attendees
Photo of attendees and board members
President Gurdeep Talwar with Chris Carter
Photo of police individuals with President
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Ethnic Economic Contribution Report (11th March 2022)

The Ethnic Economic Contribution Report was a Waitakere Ethnic Board led event in partnership with Shamubeel Eaqub of Sense Partners to display how ethnic people contribute to the economic sustainability of New Zealand. This event brought many individuals from local communities. Ministers and Government officials were also present, such as Phil Twyford, Priyanca Radhakrishnan and Ibrahim Omer among others. This event effectively showed that ethnic people are an asset to New Zealand and not a liability.

To view the report click Ethnic Economic Contribution Report.

Check out a video of the full event below:

Death isn’t sexy

At our last New Out West meeting, we had the CE of Hospice West Auckland Barbara Williams speak about the work that Hospice does. It is a unique end-of-life, caring, supportive service. Many ethnic community people are unaware that this service exists. We all know that we will die, but how and when or for how long we will suffer for before that time comes is always uncertain. During the discussion, it was mentioned that there is little funding, and funding is also an issue that can affect services and staffing.

Ethnic Communities Funding Workshop – West Auckland

Office of Ethnic communities currently have a number of funding options and programmes available – Ethnic Communities Development Fund and Digital Inclusion Fund.

With generous support from OEC , Waitakere Ethnic Board, held this workshop in their new office.

The event was hosted by WEB on Thursday 8th April 2021  12:30pm to 2:30pm  followed by light lunch

Waitakere Ethnic Board AGM 2021

WEB recently held its Annual General Meeting while Introducing the Waitakere Ethnic Board Exec committee 2021. Two new members Steward Leung and Adorate Mizero. President – Gurdeep Talwar, Treasurer – Naveen Prakash, Vice President – Deon Wallace, Aadil Basha, Prof Lai Ming Ching, Michelle Mascoll, Secretary- Ayan Said (absent), Olufemi Omasakin and Baljit Kaur (Manager). Attended by several community leaders, Local Board members, Councilors and Member of Parliament. Our special guest speaker – Minister Hon Priyanca Radhakrishnan.

Moments That Matter – Greg Ward

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Click on the links below to view the 6 episodes of the online event(webinar series via Facebook and Zoom) organised by Waitakere Ethnic Board. Thanks to Foundation North for the special one off Covid 19 funding for this programme.

It was wonderful to see so many people take advantage of the free 4 day Job Seekers Boot Camp held at Te Manawa in Westgate. Great work to empower people to look at different job choices and other great life improving skills. Well done Gaurav Gupta and his Migrant Careers Support Trust.

At the Auckland Office of Ethnic Communities end of year women’s evening. Huge thank you for bringing so many women of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds together. Many of these ladies are leaders within their communities in Auckland. Harnessing the awesomeness of all of these women will bring on the changes needed to reflect the diversity shift in our city. Listening and sharing our stories can only bring us altogether . Appreciated Anusha Guler the Director of OEC sharing her childhood story, as it resonated with me and I know with a couple of other ladies. It was a blessing of feeling joyful, being altogether after so long. 🙏

Thank you to the kind people who came along to support the Santa Shoe Box appeal BBQ. As you can see we got Linda Cooper to assist with the set up. I love the photo of Michelle Mascoll and Phil Twyford doing the social distancing sitting.🙏😊

Thank you Kahui Tu Kaha spokesperson Yasser El Shall for providing a brief insight onto the services that they offer.
Social Housing, Counselling, Mental Health respite care and in the communities, along with the approach of a wraparound service for families in need.
He spoke the same language that many of us would be in agreement with. That New Zealand leads the world with its standard of government polices reflecting Well Being as a key driver that reflects the real wealth of a country.
Empathy, care, and kindness . The WEB personally would be very interested in working with them to develop something that can support ethnic women in the west.
Collaboration, Connection equates to making better Communities.

Enjoyable evening of getting to know some Electoral candidates in West Auckland. They all gave some really good answers to the question asked about “What is your stand on Equity, Diversity and Community?”

The Human Rights Commission are conducting an Evaluation Research on the Drivers of Racism. We were fortunate that Dr Ashleigh Prakash, one of the facilitators wanted viewpoints from our ladies in West Auckland . Our # Westie Diversity Sisters came along and gave their insight about their experiences and views on racism.

This information will be collated together with others feedback from around the country. Which will be given to the Human Rights Commission to feed into a report that will be published in hopefully late October 2020.

Together we all can make a difference to make New Zealand a more just, beautiful place to live in.

Meeting the new Director of Office of Ethnic Communities. Anusha Guler is originally from South Africa, and has lived under the apartheid system, which was eventually overthrown and democracy followed in 1994. We all gave her a warm welcome and appreciated her taking time to visit us. Great to see a person of colour with a colourful background as the Director for O.E.C

The Waitakere Ethnic Board held a New Out West Meeting focusing on Ethnic People and Mental Health issues due to Covid 19. Kelly Feng Director of Asian Family Services pointed out that support for other ethnicties in Auckland with regard to the impact on their mental health due to Covid 19 outbreak and even today is sorely lacking. Many people are experiencing nervousness, depression feeling anxious. Not being able to cope with life, due to loss of jobs. For the university students the fear of losing crucial study time. Then we have the racism as well
The magnitude of racial discrimination since Covid-19 is relatively small at 16.2%, likely attributed to the nationwide message “to be kind.” Racial discrimination levels are relatively higher among Koreans (30%) and Chinese (22.3%), younger Asians (around 19.3% on average), those in NZ for 1-10 years (19.5%), students (24.2%) and full-time employed (18.9%); However, when considering the population base, Chinese would be the largest group among all Asians and occupied near half of the cases (47.8%)

Waitakere Ethnic Board president Gurdeep Talwar, spreading the news of financial assistance for migrants who are non residents in NZ , on behalf of the NZ Red Cross.

WEB recently organised its AGM at Te Manawa on 25th June 2020 with guest speak as Samantha Bennett.

Gurdeep Talwar, Raj Maharjan, Jade Tang Taylor(outgoing member), Zara Fazelnia(outgoing member), Naveen Prakash, Aadil Basha(new member), Ayan Said, Olufemi Omisaken, Prof Lai-Ming Chin(new member), Baljit Kaur, Michelle Mascoll (new member). Absent: Deon Wallace

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Zeal in West Auckland on the 6th of March 2020. We were wowed by our inspirational young women of colour, who have made a huge contribution for the betterment of all in N.Z. Ayan Said, Golriz Ghahraman, Dr Lesina Nakhid Schuster and Dr Michelle Dickinson, It was a real privilege to hear their life stories to date.

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The Waitakere Ethnic Board hosted an evening of inspiration by our Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon  on 19th Feb 2020 at the beautiful Te Manawa community centre / library. As he gave a talk on his life journey up until now. Absolutely amazing the way he articulated his story. Strong message of treating people with kindness, tolerance & empathy shine through. Powerful positive stuff from Meng that in turn encouraged the attendees to have their say about what ethnic people would like to see in the future West Auckland plan.

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The WEB had its last New Out West meeting for the year on 30th November 19.We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with one person mentioning that this is a fabulous meeting. of many different people communicating a chain of positivity . We appreciate everyone’s input on the whiteboard, of ideas for WEB to implement next year starting with its next New Out West meeting in late February 2020..

We held our Meet the Council & Local board candidates meeting last week. Here is what some of the attendees at the Henderson Massey local board table had to say in answer to the question of :
What do you understand are the issues/ needs & challenges for Ethnic people in your area?
Provide criteria in the funding structures that specific needs of ethnic communities are addressed.Local board needs to engage, empower and listen more about what are the issues that are of concern to ethnic people. In turn the ethnic groups need to voice their concerns or projects to the local boards at their meetings & workshops. More active participation is encouraged for ethnic people to get more involved with civic processes.Ideas such as more ethnic people being involved in community patrols also encourages ethnic participation hence this also gives people the sense of belonging within the wider community.As we are one people , with many diverse languages, cultures and regilous beliefs. The need to build stronger connections of tolerance and empathy and understanding still is something that needs to evolve within the mainstream community.

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We held our Meet the Council & Local board candidates meeting last week. Here is what some of the attendees at the Waitakere Ranges local board table had to say in answer to the question of :
What do you understand are the issues/ needs & challenges for Ethnic people in your area?
Before advocating we need to engage & listen to what ethnic people’s concerns are. Have regular meetings,continue to support WEB as the ethnic voice of the West. Share the spirit of music, food and family. Talk to them about their concerns on Community Safety, sense of belonging and look at having more interactive community/programs or events.The issue of language barriers,cultural differences and behavioural differnces is also something that needs to be worked on. In order to make people feel that they do belong.

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We held our Meet the Council & Local board candidates meeting last week. Here is what some of the attendees at the Whau local board table had to say in answer to the question of :
What do you understand are the issues/ needs & challenges for Ethnic people in your area?
There is a lack of tolerance & appreciation of cultural differences. Families have issues when the children intergrate and cultural conflicts happen within these families. More ethnic people need to get involved in the civic matters, such as voting in the local board elections. We need to encourage more partcipation of these communties to get involved in community programmes that are provided by the local boards. Discrimation, Inequity, Racism and Intolerance are still issues that need to be dealt with,within the wider community.

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New Out West Meeting  (NOW)  Presents:  Family Action  – Crisis Services  offering Counselling, Support , Refuge and many other services that are offered free to families  who walk into their agency and how they  are engaging in the new whangaia process

Where: Waitakere Community  Resource Centre  8 Ratanui Street Henderson Auckland

When: Thursday 25th July 2019  12:30pm FREE  networking lunch followed by meeting from 1:15PM TO 2:30PM

New Out West Meeting  (NOW)  Presents Unitec is committed to supporting West Auckland and we are now working on the development of strategy for our Waitākere campus.

We would like your input in developing this strategy by providing feedback and insight into how Unitec can meet the needs of the region today and in the future.

 The key 3 consultation questions, are:

  • What are the key skill shortages and educational needs in the West?
  • What are the future industries/jobs developing in the West?
  • How could Unitec best respond to these gaps/opportunities

Where: Waitakere Community  Resource Centre  8 Ratanui  Street Henderson Auckland

When: Thursday 27th June 12:30pm FREE  networking lunch followed by meeting from 1:15PM TO 2:30PM

New Out West Meeting  (NOW)  Presents: The  latest updates from Immigration New Zealand

– complying with employment and immigration law

-getting the best from your new migrant staff

– finding overseas talent

– understanding work visas and employer requirements.

Where: Waitakere Community  Resource Centre  8 Ratanui Street Henderson Auckland

When: Thursday 30th May 2019  12:30pm FREE  networking lunch followed by meeting from 1:15PM TO 2:30PM

Collaborative event with NZ Police and CPNZ – 8th June 2019

On a terribly wet and cold Saturday morning, it was very heartening to see so many people attending the Waitakere Ethnic Board information morning with NZ Police and Community Patrol NZ. To encourage people of all ethnicties to look at joining either of these options.The choices are either wanting to know about joining the Police, or via being part of CPNZ, Using that as a pathway, to assist people on to the Police career path. #Inclusive#Diversity Thank you so much to the attendees from all over West Auckland for coming along.

Wellbeing Budget talk with the Prime Minister of NZ- 5th June 2019

American Student visit WEB office – 28th May 2019

Enjoyed a very special visit from students of Towson University ( Department of Psychology) from Maryland United States. They are visiting Auckland as part of an overseas tour. They came to discuss the many issues that pertain to the rights of ethnic people and what is it really like living in New Zealand. Board members Ayan Said, Raj Maharjan and coordinator Baljit Kaur engaged and had quite in depth discussions, and felt it was a real privilege to have these young people come to visit us out in the west.

WEB AGM 2019

The Waitakere Ethnic Board held its AGM last night (1st of May) at the Waitakere Council Chambers, after the formalities of the AGM. We were privileged to hear, what Mr Ikhlaq Kashkari President of the NZ Muslim Association speak, about how going forward, the example that our own Prime Minister has shown to the world, is what we should all follow. Compassion, making an effort to understand other different cultural values,tolerance and forgiveness. As a nation NZ will not allow haters to spread their disease. We must be vigilant and ever mindful of being aware of taking care of each other. Be it your own neighbour or colleagues at work. WE have the choice to make NZ a country that is the place where everyone in the world wants to live in.The clock cannot be turned back, Auckland is a very multicultural we need to all make the changes within ourselves.
Diversity is here to stay, so lets harness the positives and make ourselves all the more interconnected.
Thanks also to Deborah Russell MP of New Lynn, Chris Carter, Penny Hulse for giving their views on this subject.
Powerful positive words from some of our leaders within our community. The WEB warmly welcomes Jade Tang-Taylor, Raj Maharjan and Chandra Yogeswaran to the board.

Waitakere Ethnic Board introduce to you the WEB Co patron Chris Carter.

We are proud to have Chris Carter join us as our co patron, he will be talking about his time working on behalf of the United Nations.

Working in the War Zone 

Come along to hear about his experiences working in Afghanistan and then in Myanmar.

Where: Waitakere Community  Resource Centre  8 Ratanui Street Henderson Auckland 28th March 2019

Dear friends of WEB,

Great sadness and overwhelming disbelief has surrounded us with news of the events that have unfolded today – March 15th 2019 in Christchurch. The Waitakere Ethnic Board stands in solidarity and support of the victims and their families. Not to mention all of our Muslim brothers and sisters and the nation as a whole. Reeling with shock from what has occurred, we shudder to think, what now for our beautiful country? Anyone who can go into a place of worship and heartlessly gun down people who are actually praying, cannot be classed as being a human being. This terrorist act was done by white supremacists. They must of been so fuelled with hate. A worrying concern for the powers that be, as to what will happen now, and in the future. New Zealand has now become an international target, because haters will always hate. We are afraid that this tragedy will now trigger someone else from another group in retaliation. My dear country, things will never be the same again.

Please join us in Ranui for the “Walk of Aroha” in support and solidarity of our local West Auckland Muslim Community


When: Friday 22nd March 11:30am.

Where: Meet at Ranui Domain, 26 Robertson Road

Time: 11:30am

Route: We will walk from Ranui Domain to the West Auckland Mosque on 31 Armada Drive. We will then walk to the Ranui Community Centre located at 474 Swanson Road for tea and coffee by 12:15pmNo photo description available.

Gurdeep Talwar – Vice President of the Board was interviewed by Radio New Zealand at a meeting in Henderson on 20th Aug 2018 attended by Waitemata Police and more than 50 people from local Asian and African communities.

Our Vice President Gurdeep Talwar attended the Official launch event of Multicultural Times on the 9th Aug at AUT city campus. A number of community leaders were present including the Minister for Ethnic Communities Jenny Salesa. A great effort from  the organisers to come up with a newspaper focused on ethnic communities.


Our Board member Ayan Said attended and was one of the facilitators at the ethnic communities  education conversation that  was held on Saturday the 8th of September. This event was well attended by community leaders and there was representation from all the major groups. The focus of the event was the conversation around looking at the way the education system is structured.

Ayan Said with the minister.

Waitakere Ethnic Board along with Multicultural New Zealand had this workshop in Henderson in late August .

Specialist tutors from The Centre of Applied Cross Cultural Research, based at Victoria University in Wellington came up for the day to deliver this interactive course. Their speciality is in practically addressing challenging, psychological and social issues in today’s world.

Working  effectively with Culture, extended  and tested your own cultural competency, recognising your own cultural lens and learn how to apply it in everyday life.

To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that prepare participants to work effectively with people from other cultures other than their own, including clients and co- workers.

WEB held its usual once a month New Out West meeting with Waitemata Police Detective Senior Sergeant Kelly Farrant presenting the new initiative that are been rolled out in West Auckland.

The new approach will provide the opportunity to prevent Family Harm. To address the causes that can spark family violence.

The Police will be working with Iwi/Maori at the governance ,management and operational levels to reduce family harm.

Also they will be working with government and non-government partners contributing to the model in different ways as agreed locally.

In short this new way will develop a safety plan to assist the family and make appropriate referrals to service providers to reduce family harm

View Waitakere Ethnic Board Ethnic Economic Contribution Report