Past Events

Our Board member Ayan Said attended and was one of the facilitators at the ethnic communities  education conversation that  was held on Saturday the 8th of September. This event was well attended by community leaders and there was representation from all the major groups. The focus of the event was the conversation around looking at the way the education system is structured.

Ayan Said with the minister.

Waitakere Ethnic Board along with Multicultural New Zealand had this workshop in Henderson in late August .

Specialist tutors from The Centre of Applied Cross Cultural Research, based at Victoria University in Wellington came up for the day to deliver this interactive course. Their speciality is in practically addressing challenging, psychological and social issues in today’s world.

Working  effectively with Culture, extended  and tested your own cultural competency, recognising your own cultural lens and learn how to apply it in everyday life.

To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that prepare participants to work effectively with people from other cultures other than their own, including clients and co- workers.

WEB held its usual once a month New Out West meeting with Waitemata Police Detective Senior Sergeant Kelly Farrant presenting the new initiative that are been rolled out in West Auckland.

The new approach will provide the opportunity to prevent Family Harm. To address the causes that can spark family violence.

The Police will be working with Iwi/Maori at the governance ,management and operational levels to reduce family harm.

Also they will be working with government and non-government partners contributing to the model in different ways as agreed locally.

In short this new way will develop a safety plan to assist the family and make appropriate referrals to service providers to reduce family harm