Upcoming Events

  New Out West Meeting (NOW) Presents:

Strategic Brokers Manager from Auckland Council Community Empowerment Unit, Dr Mary Dawson presenting : What is Empowered CommunitiesAn empowered community is one where individuals, whanau and communities have the power and ability to influence decisions, take action and make change happen in their lives and communities.

Where: Waitakere Community  Resource Centre  8 Ratanui Street Henderson Auckland

When: Thursday 29th November 2018   12:30pm networking and finale of the year  ethnic lunch followed by meeting1:30pm 2:30pm

RSVP : contact@waitakereethnicboard.org.nz

In addition to this we will be having members from Office of Ethnic Communities wanting attendees input into this survey.

In addition to this the Office of Ethnic Communities would like to hear your views on ethnic community participation in civic processes by conducting a short survey:

•   Democratic and political processes (e.g.) enrolling to vote, voting and completing the Census

•  Local government and council (e.g. involvement in council decision making processes and attending council meetings)

• Community engagement and Voluntary work within the community (e.g. involvement in community and school boards)